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Our products are widely used for all kinds of home appliances control board, intelligent home controller, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Aromatherapy Machine, Air Purifier, Bathing Bully, Air Fan Light, Drive Power Supply, etc.


Wifi Air Refresher

Water Purifier



Shenzhen Inteltron Technology Co .,Ltd. was founded in 2016 with registered fund of 10 million RMB, located in China "Silicon Valley", the innovation capital, the most dynamic place, Shenzhen Nanshan Zhiyuan. The factory is located in the scenic Lanting Technology Park Pingshan New District...


Development direction of LED drive power
1.Improvedrivepowerlife OneoftheimportantadvantagesofLEDisitslongservicelife,whichisabout30,000-100,000hours.ThetraditionalLEDdrivepowersupplycontainselectrolyticcapacitor,whichhasarelativelyshortlife
Intelligent linkage control board fresh air purification air conditioning manufacturers good news
With the development of domestic air purifier market in full swing, air purifier and new wind
Consumption Upgrades Favor the Appliance Sector
Large-scale enterprises continue to carry out mergers and acquisitions with the advantages of capital, technology, and talent, and are also accelerating the development of the industrial chain.
High power supply structure has been set, will focus on overseas markets in the future
High-power suply structure has been set, will focus on overseas markets in the future.